Turn your business green. Earn money doing so.

The increasing demands of Building Regulations are ensuring that more and more corporations are thinking about installing PV Solar Systems to meet targets. Now that the Government has introduced the Feed-In Tariff, now really is the best time to install a Solar PV system on your Organisation’s property – it saves the planet AND is a great way to meet necessary building, CRC and environmental targets.

Financial Benefit

• Reduce your energy bills
• Your installation costs could potentially be written off against your tax – please consult a financial advisor for more information
• Receive payment for each unit of electricity you produce
• Protect yourself from rising electricity prices
• Increase your property value / rental yield

Environmental Benefit

• Reduction of your Carbon Footprint
• Less reliance on fossil fuels
• Generate your own clean, green energy
• An average 50kWp Solar PV system will reduce your carbon emissions by 550 tonnes over 25 years
• You will encourage other corporations to install solar panels themselves just by having them

Meeting Planned Targets

• Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)
BREEAM or BRE Environmental Assessment Method
• Code of Sustainable Homes (CSH)
• Building Regulations (Part L)

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